Health & Safety Audits

Pre Insurance Assessments

Whether you are a commercial business or not you are still required to have the  appropriate insurance to ensure your business and employees are protected.

Ashview Consultants are available to come out to your business and inform both the employer and employees on what each insurance entitles you to and which insurance your particular company might need.

We take into consideration what type of business you run by coming out to your workplace and accessing what type of work is carried out, this way we can suggest which insurance suits your business best.

Internal Company Safety Audits

This enables you to conduct a health and safety audit on your business. The main purpose is to ensure that safety standards are maintained. Hazard audits are carried out regularly to help identify hazards which could result in injury, illness to employees, damage to property or risk to the general public.

We examine, in depth, the company’s entire structure using quality and risk management assessment techniques. To assist with this process, Ashview Consultants offers your company a wide and impressive range of consultancy services.

Ashview Consultants can provide you with the following:

  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Health & Safety Review
  • Accident Analysis
  • In-house Monitoring & Auditing Systems
  • Preparation of Health & Safety Documentation
  • Design of Training Materials
  • Response to Prohibition & Improvement Notices
External Company Health & Safety Audits

Due to the increasing demands for performance and standards within the construction industry, it has become more and more difficult for contractors, surveyors and designers to meet the requirements set by Clients and Project Managers.

At Ashview Consultants, we can provide the experience and knowledge needed in order to become 3rd party accredited for health and safety. Our team have a wide range of experience in auditing, including working with Safe-T-Cert, Constructionline, and Altius.

Benefits of 3rd Party Health & Safety Accreditation:

  • Compliance with the CDM Regulations
  • Accreditation ensures an organisation appears on a publicly Approved Contractors list
  • Clients can be confident that contractors and suppliers have a high standard of Health & Safety Management
  • Certification provides contractors and suppliers with national and international recognition for Health & Safety performance
  • Becoming accredited enables an organisation to work against an industry recognised standard
  • Insurance companies tend to look favourably on contractors who have taken a positive and pro-active approach to risk management
Construction Safety Audits

Welfare facilities

Safety Management Procedures

Site safety controls

Traffic Management pedestrian and vehicular

Storage areas

Working at height

Site management

Plant and equipment

General site works

Use of personal protective equipment

Have all construction projects been assigned a Client, CDM Co-Ordinator, Designer and Principal Contractor?

Are STFC staff fulfilling Client, CDM Co-Ordinator, Designer and Principal Contractor duties suitably qualified and experienced in CDM requirements and legislation?

Are non STFC staff fulfilling CDM Co-Ordinator, Designer and Principal Contractor duties suitably qualified and experienced in CDM requirements and legislation?

Are management systems in place to ensure that CDM Co-Ordinator, Designer and Principal Contractor fulfil their duties under CDM?

Have suitable welfare facilities been provided for those involved in the construction project (STFC staff, contractors and sub-contractors)?

Do all current construction projects have an up to date Health and Safety file?

Has CDM Co-Ordinator informed the HSE using form ‘F10 revised’ where the construction project meets the reporting criteria?

Have the skills and experience of sub-contractors employed by the Principal Contractor been checked?

Do all construction projects have an up to date health and safety plan? and site rules?

Have all contractors and sub-contractors been given a copy of the health and safety plan and understand it?

Is the construction site secured against unauthorised entry?
Is there an induction process for new workers?

Is there a process for reporting incidents and near misses to the principal contractor?

Are there good communication routes between those involved in the project Client, CDM Co-ordinator, Designer and Principal Contractor and their sub-contractors?

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