Project Supervision

Project Supervisor Design Process & Project Supervisor Construction Stage

The Construction industry covers a wide range of activities, hazards, materials, techniques, employment patterns, and contractual arrangements. In such circumstances, if safety and health standards are to improve, good management of construction projects is essential from concept through to the design, construction, use and eventual demolition. Poor management of the design or construction process is the primary cause of most of the deaths, injuries and illness in the construction industry.
The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 apply to you, if you are a client having construction work done, a designer preparing plans and specifications, or if you are a contractor or employer whose employees carry out or manage construction work.

Project Supervisor Design Process

Ashview Consultants can carry out the role of competent PSDP for our client on a project. As the PSDP our key role is to ensure co-ordination of the work of designers throughout the project.
As the PSDP we will:

  • Identify hazards arising from the design or from the technical, organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project
  • Where possible, eliminate the hazards or reduce the risk
  • Communicate necessary control measures, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS so that they can be dealt with in the Construction Stage Health & Safety Plan
  • Ensure that the work of designers is coordinated to ensure safety & health
  • Organise co-operation between designers
  • Prepare a written safety & health plan for the project, where construction is planned to last longer than 30 working days, or the volume of work is scheduled to exceed 500 person days, or where there is a particular risk, and deliver it to the client prior to tender
  • Prepare a safety file on completion for the client
  • Notify the Health & Safety Authority & the client of non-compliance with any written directions issued

The PSDP may issue directions to designers, contractors or others.

Project Supervisor Construction Stage

In many cases the PSCS is a contractor who has the necessary competency to fulfil the role of PSCS. Ashview Consultants can carry out the role of PSCS health & safety co-ordinator of the project.
As the PSCS H&S Co-ordinator we will:

  • Co-ordinate the identification of hazards, the elimination of these hazards or the reduction of risks during construction
  • Develop the Safety and Health Plan initially prepared by the PSDP before construction commences
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the Construction Regulations by contractors
  • Organise co-operation between contractors & the provision of information, instruction & supervision
  • Co-ordinate the reporting of accidents to the Authority
  • Notify the Authority before construction commences where construction is likely to last longer than 30 working days or the volume of work is scheduled to exceed 500 person days
  • Provide information to the site safety representative
  • Co-ordinate the checking of safe working procedures
  • Co-ordinate measures to restrict unauthorised entry on to the site



Ashview Consultants also work with contractors on site, providing them with the necessary health & safety services that allows our clients to comply with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006. These are as follows:

  • Co-operation with the PSCS
  • By providing a copy of the safety statement & other relevant information to the PSCS
  • Promptly providing the PSCS with information required for the safety file
  • Complying with directions of Project Supervisors
  • Reporting accidents to the PSCS & the Authority where an employee cannot perform their normal work for more than 3 days
  • Complying with site rules & the safety & health plan & ensuring compliance by all employees
  • Identifying hazards, eliminating these hazards or reducing the risks during construction
  • Facilitating the Site Safety Representative
  • Ensure that relevant workers have a Safety Awareness Card & a Construction Skills Card (where required)
  • Providing workers with site specific induction
  • Appointing a safety officer where there are more than 20 on site or 30 employed
  • Consulting workers & the safety representatives
  • Monitoring compliance & taking corrective action

The construction regulations impose a substantial number of other contractor duties, including a number of new duties:

  • Safety at road works
  • Explosives

New Construction Skills Card requirements include:

  • Mobile tower scaffold erection
  • Signing, lighting & guarding of roads
  • Locating underground services
  • Shotfiring
  • Assisting in road works
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