Traffic Management Systems

Traffic Management Systems

Under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006, and the 2008 amendments, any contractor responsible for any work being carried out on any part of a road, footpath or cycle-track must ensure all measures are taken to protect the safety of workers and members of the public. There must be a competent person present during all roadworks in possession of a valid Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Roadworks Construction Skills Certification Skills Card.

Work on a road or roadway, including the carrying out of building, civil engineering or engineering work, can in the absence of adequate planning, organising and implementation lead to unsafe conditions for workers and members of the public.

The Signing, Lighting & Guarding Construction Skills Certification Skills card holder has the responsibility for the implementation of the Temporary Traffic Management Plan. The PSCS must co-ordinate arrangements to ensure the provision of the Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Roadworks Construction Skills Certification Skills card holder and they must be named in the company Safety Statement and in the Construction Stage Health & Safety Plan.

Adequate guarding and lighting must be provided, traffic signs must be in place and maintained and adequate regard given to persons with disabilities. All works must be supervised by a competent person in possession of a valid Construction Skills Certification Skills Card for Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Roadworks.

Where work is carried out on a road and the road width is restricted by any construction related activity, in particular where such a road activity is likely to create a hazard, suitable and adequate measures must be implemented to control these hazards. Typical hazards include live traffic, road surfaces, use of construction plant, excavations, electricity and gas.

Ashview Consultants can plan, design, implement and maintain a safe system of work for all employees by providing a Traffic Management Plan taking into account all aspects of the project.

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