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Design Risk Management

In order to ensure that the initial design of a project can be safely constructed, Ashview Consultants will carry out a Design Risk Assessment. This will identify the potential hazards that a contractor may come up against, and provide controls to ensure that the risk can be minimised. Design Risk Management is also useful for Clients and building managers, as it can identify future maintenance risk and how to control them.

Temporary Traffic Design

Ashview Consultants can plan, design, implement and maintain a safe system of work for all employees by providing a Traffic Management Plan taking into account all aspects of the project.


Safety Management Systems

Ashview Consultants have 100% record of success on completion of the required safety management systems, we also have worked with successful companies on an annual basis and ensure they are maintaining accreditation

Asbestos Surveying

Although the use of asbestos has been banned in construction since the year 2000, many projects will involve the refurbishment of buildings which pre-date the asbestos ban. Ashview Consultants are able to provide the necessary surveys required to ensure that the risk of exposure and contact with ACMs can be reduced and eliminated. Our staff are fully certified and insured to carry out both Management Surveys and Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys.

Project Supervision

During the design process we have a very “hands on” approach in the development. Overseeing all Health and Safety aspects on site.
This entails the planning, organization, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.
The principal challenge of project supervision is to achieve all the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints.

Health & Safety Audits

Public and private sector organizations should have formal procedures for auditing and reporting health and safety performance. You can be high hazard or low risk but every organization needs to make sure that it follows good health, safety and environmental practices.

There are codes and guides set in place to follow, to ensure the safe working environment for all staff and public.

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation is a service that hopefully will be rarely required. The focus of safety at work should be on prevention of accidents before they occur. But when the worst does happen our team are ready to step up and carry out an objective investigation. Our team is trained in construction accident, fatality, injury and near miss investigations

Event Safety Management

With ever increasing demands on event organisers to produce the most challenging and exciting events, the need for risk management becomes even more vital. Ashview Consultants can provide event safety plans and risk assessments that will not only ensure the health and safety of the participants, but also take into account the wider context of a given event and needs of the organisers.

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