Electronic Paperless Auditing

Health and Safety Workplace management system audits are an integral part of any safety management system as well as ensuring the safe working practices on site as part of accident and incident preventions.

The problems with paper templates is they are lost or misplaced, handwriting can be hard to understand, files get moved and there is ability to track actions being closed out.

All inspections completed by Ashview Consultants, regardless of there size or complexity are put together in paperless format. Carried out on our own app we can develop forms built specifically to meet your business and its needs, to include the below non exhaustive list of needs;

  • Photographs of good and practice and areas requiring improvement with clear easy to read text.
  • Easy to manage action trackers to ensure areas requiring improvement are closed out.
  • Simple allocation of tasks following inspection and audits.
  • Trends analysis so you know where to be focusing your teams time.
  • Safe storage of all your inspections and audits on Ashview cloud with easy access.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital systems how we can make your workplace inspections and management audits as much easier process.