Digital safety file

A Health and Safety File is a legal record of health and safety information for a construction project. Traditionally produced and delivered to the client as a series of paper-based lever-arch files, they are now being digitalised.

The work of collecting, collating and preparation of the documents needed for the Safety File together with O&M Manuals etc. is very time consuming and needs full time attention to ensure that the Safety file is prepared in time for project handover.

Delays in the preparation of the safety file can hold up the successful handover of a project which can lead to financial penalties

One big advantage of having the information available digitally is that information can be accessed remotely. Cost savings can also be achieved by taking printers, files and paper out of the equation. For users, access to information is faster and the Health and Safety File becomes a live document where the value of the data is unlocked — which can prove somewhat difficult if relying on paper files in a locked cupboard.

Digital formats have the advantage that they can be backed up, information can be retrieved and integrated, searched, passed on, and securely stored with less requirements for physical space.

With our digital partners Ashview Consultants can take care of everything – providing a turnkey service, sourcing all documentation from suppliers and sub-contractors. We have a reputation of delivering documentation of the highest quality on time and presented professionally in line with current CIBSE, BSRIA & ISO standards.

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