Developed by Travel Safety Experts

This course has been developed by personal security experts with over 20 years of experience working in the industry advising royal families, politicians, high profile celebrities and organisations. The content of this course takes information and best practice from across the security industry and provides an accessible way to learn some of the very best skills and techniques to stay safe in unfamiliar environments and potential dangers situations.

Packed With Compliance and Management Features

  • Guidance on planning, post-arrival, situational awareness and more
  • Train hundreds or even thousands of staff in just a few clicks
  • Ensures travellers complete carry out appropriate training and risk assessment
  • Automated email delivery makes roll-out easy
  • Management tool helps to easily administrate travel safety

In addition to providing employee travel safety training, we also offer training and e-learning for lone workers and employees working remotely and a course specifically tailored to employee personal safety awareness.