Customisable data protection and GDPR training that ensures your employees understand their obligations.


Additional GDPR content:

  • Updated information on personal data and compliance with GDPR
  • How it will impact your organisation and how to handle personal data
  • What happens if you fail to comply
  • Which countries and companies are affected by GDPR
  • Individual rights over data, including the right to be informed, right of access, right to erasure and more

Data Protection Training to Improve Employee Awareness

Data Protection Awareness is a cost-effective e-learning course that helps employees understand how the Data Protection Act and GDPR affects them and explains how the data held by your organisation must be handled.

Why choose Data Protection Awareness:

  • Explain the Data Protection Act and GDPR to your employees
  • Easily tell your employees how to handle your organisation’s data
  • Fast, simple roll out and management
  • Better protect your employee, contractor, supplier and customer data


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