Common Data Environment 

Digital technology is having an increasing impact on the way construction projects are being delivered and according to Mc Kinsey Global Institute, construction is among the least digitised of the 22 sectors considered in their analysis.

Ashview Consultants suite of construction digital technology packages support the safe and successful completion of construction projects. Our CDE supports our clients to deliver safe projects by improved communication, planning and visibility.

Common data environments are used to store, record and distribute project information. This ensures that all parties involved in the works are all accessing consistent information. Our CDE keeps track of changes including drawings and specifications providing an audit trail. This tracking of information provides the golden thread of information on a project from inception through to handover to future use.

Typical information stored on a project CDE

  • Preplanning risk analysis
  • Drawings from all disciplines including contactor’s drawings
  • Project specifications & BoQ
  • Submittals
  • Requests for information
  • Safety Documentation
  • Health & Safety files